Cutting-edge blockchain platform.

Calypso X is a decentralized, auditable data sharing platform that allows private data sharing between individuals and organizations. It utilizes some of the latest advancements in Cryptography and Blockchain technology to achieve unforeseen levels of security and privacy.

The problem of trust

Data sharing between individuals requires either a trusted third party, regulations by the government or trusting that the entity that your data is being shared with won’t do anything malicious.

Calypso X aims to give power back to the people and removing the need for a trusted third-party to moderate everything.

A combination of blockchain technology along with off-chain threshold encryption system allow for users to have much greater control over how their data is being used. 

The solution



users can share their private data with others

users have proof that their data has been accessed by Calypso X

users can remove the rights to view their data at any point after having granted the access

users have proof that their data has been collected by the Calypso X


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